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Can you easily make some money while studying??

Indian ruppies
When you get into a collage or higher studies the fun rises and need of money too. Everybody thinks to earn some extra bucks while studying but there's a problem faced by everyone, time. yes, all of us wants to get some money faster and without doing much more. but the question is Can you earn a single rupee while studying?? 

I've got answer for that question. YES YOU CAN ! ! and that isn't hard too. Today making few busks out of the internet is not such a big deal. With use of software tools and proper knowledge anyone can easily make ₹5000 or more!  

You might be thinking that I'll give you a link to download something and earn from it and all thing but it doesn't work like that.Today's generation of collage students are capable to do anything they wish but all they need is some good practices. If you want to earn some good amount then you must be able to face  some failures. It is good to think about earning part time while studying and i appreciate that but it also affects your study so please think thrice before you start.
In order to make money, you need to work and love what you’re doing.

 But before I start...

lemme tell you first that I am a student too and my journey of making money out of the internet started few years back when I was in 11th class. I faced many problems, at that time I did not even know what i was doing all I wanted was to make some money. I face many problems and faced failures but I kept doing and never lost my hope. I had not any resources or any kind of proper guidance for whatever I was doing but Patience and Passion is all you need for earning from internet.

Anyways, If you're ready to make some money online then speak loudly in your mind " Yes I will" and follow my instructions and tips. Below I'll be showing you some methods I used and still using for earning from the web. Let's start, Shall we?

 First method is

 Affiliate marketing

Affiliates are not easy to start with but if you're kind of popular on social networks then this is the thing you should definitely try. If you're not aware with what is affiliate marketing let me give you a simple example.

Think you're a good friend of mine and i know that you're a huge fan of apple products and you're wishing to buy an upcoming iPhone or something so what i will do is look for some offers on sites like and and find a best deal and make a affiliate link of it. Then I'll send you an affiliate link saying 
Take a look man new iPhone 5Se is on the sale ->
 Since you're an apple fan you'll go through the link and buy the product. and here the thing begins. the link I sent you was an affiliate link ( )of mine which i created through my Flipkart affiliate account. and I'll be getting some commission from flipkart for selling an iPhone via my affiliate link. It's easy right?if you're popular enough on social networks you can find some good deals on different sites and share them directly to your facebook wall or instagram profile and earn like hell.

If this felt good to you, you can sign up for Flipkart affiliates via or you can look for another affiliate programs on internet.

Next one is the most commonly used and proven method for making a good amount of money


For guys like me who are not well known on the society blogging is a great choice. You can earn money and can also get some attention too. To start blogging you have to first select a topic (also called niche ). But the problem is the process of earning via blogging is slow so those who wants to make money in lesser time this is not for you. Many of you guys are familiar  with word BLOGGING but those who don't know what is a blog or blogging? here you go.

Word blog is came from combining two words Web and Log. web + log = weblog. and the same way Web logging is called blogging. Generally a blog is a Website which has article pages on it like this Voidspes Web Log (which is a blog). 

You can setup your blog for free @  which is a free blogging platform of Google. Or you can create a Free WordPress blog by getting free hosting from hostinger. for setting up your free wordpress blog follow the steps in my article -> Guid for setting up a free website

if you got any problems about setting up the wordpress then please comment below.After your blog setup is complete you can start blogging and earn some bucks by setting up ads and placing affiliate links between your blog posts.

Another great method for earning good cash is


It is a great place for making a huge money by spending a hour daily. Many students becomes a YouTuber and gets success by making videos based on different niches ( topics). YouTube is same as blogging just the difference is there are videos instead of text articles.

all you have to do is this three simple steps
  1. Choose a nice and create a YouTube channel
  2. Upload some videos according to your niche
  3. Enable monetization 
Enabling monetization option will get you an Hosted AdSense account to serve ads on your YouTube videos. And you already know the next steps. The more views you get the more you earn.

This all four methods are personally used by me to earn some pocket money that i can spend after my girlfriend :p just kidding. Hope you loved it and if you got any questions or thoughts about this post then please fire a comment below and stay tuned. Ciao.


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